Positive Thoughts in the Time of COVID-19 – And What We Can Do
We know it’s tough out there for everyone and we are sending out positive thoughts in the time of COVID-19. Even if your organization and employees are managing well in the wake of the COVID-19 coronavirus, the uncertainty around when life and work will return to normal looms large for what we hope is a short time. We’d like to share some ideas with you that we think might help you get through this temporary interruption to your regular schedules.

Stay Safe and Secure
While this is a new world for all of us, mandatory closings or restrictions don’t need to cause alarm. Our nation is strong and there is no need to panic, so focusing on work, learning, a new home project, and just staying out of public areas is the best thing we can do to help end this pandemic.

Move Meetings Online
For those in the live-events industry, virtual events have become a huge topic. There is a lot of information out there about technology platforms and moving to virtual. It is recommended that any sort of meeting or gathering be postponed or cancelled, however the show can go on with video conferencing and live streaming!

Help Your Community
There are no doubt large swaths of the business and worker communities (freelancers are especially vulnerable) that are feeling uneasy at this time. However, we’ve seen massive outreach from competitors, staff, industry and local government. We believe it’s just the beginning of a national effort to make it through these uncertain times together. How can SmartSource help you? We are here for you!

Learn Something New
While many companies are moving full speed ahead doing business and serving customers, others are experiencing a little down time. For the latter group, it’s an opportunity for employees to avail themselves of the practically unlimited online education opportunities from the Event Leadership Institute to continuing education classes to LinkedIn Learning.

Enhance WFH Experiences
Not all employees know how to work from home, or have the right equipment. Although a laptop and good Internet connection can get most at-home workers up and running quickly, there are other aspects of WFH (work from home) that firms need to take into consideration. To keep employees connected even when they’re apart, use video conferencing to schedule virtual book club meetings or brown bag lunches where people can share and socialize. SmartSource can set up an image for you ahead of time and keep them on file throughout the year so that if you ever do have WFH needs, we are ready to deploy to you quickly!

Stay Connected with Peers
Social media has become a critical way for people to stay in touch with friends and colleagues. There are lots of LinkedIn groups, for example, offering help and advice to members and ways to spread word on how to help. Please visit our Linkedin Page or Facebook Page to learn more.

Go Forward Flexibly
Lots of people and companies that have never worked virtually in the past are finding out that it’s easier than they think. First, there’s no commute so productivity is enhanced. It costs companies less (rent is expensive) and workers have fewer interruptions so they get more work done faster. Flexible work could become a new normal and we have what it takes to set up hundreds of employees with the technology they need for this. Working from home is the new norm!

Embrace Your Creativity
Times like these are breeding grounds for innovation. Some firms are tasking individuals with coming up with new products and processes that will help them flourish when times are better. They’re also asking employees NOT to work weekends, seek healthy outlets to reduce stress and take care of themselves–mandates that always result in positive outcomes.

We at SmartSource are making adjustments too. We’re finding ways to help employees stay focused and stress-free. We’re working with clients to brainstorm and be innovative in the new need to go remote. Our lines of communication remain open to industry colleagues and customers for absolutely any need. We don’t think about if the disruption will end. We are planning for when it will end and we are with you every step until it does.