What is a proprietary event? Very simply it has only one focus — your brand, company or association. It is all about your messaging with no distractions from one-off sponsors, exhibitors or other brand managers in the organization. It is about YOUR message — all the time. And as we go into 2013, event meeting services organizations will see more and more of this type of event.

In fact, according to Sparks, a global event marketing agency, proprietary events are expected to double in 2013. Below are the 5 benefits of this type of event and why is they are happening.  


This event allows you to be in the driver’s seat. You select the speakers, sponsors and exhibitors you want at your meeting.

“You have full control over the experience your audience receives — everything from the event environment to the way content is delivered,” said Lucy Bassert, Vice President Strategic Accounts at Sparks Exhibits and Environments. 


Proprietary events are awareness and sales driven. The goal is to get as many customers and prospects in one room — F2F as well as virtually — and sell them on the content of the event. Whether it is a product launching event and you want “x” number of the new product sold or increasing sales with existing products and services, the idea is to get the attendees excited about and positioned to buy whatever is presented.

Live streaming and recording the event has two major benefits: 1) You can address a virtual audience you may never have been able to reach before and 2) The presentations can be available for attendees to watch at a later date for clarification of content.


At SAP’s SAPPHIRE NOW conference, they set up their speakers in meeting rooms and had them repeat their content over and over again during the 3-day event. In addition, they had each speaker in a discussion area so attendees could ask questions. This allowed attendees to come back and revisit content they may have missed from the previous day or ask questions that may not have come to them the day before.

During the discussion time, speakers worked off an outline but went in the direction of attendee questions thus allowing for free flowing interaction.


By controlling the exhibitor floor, you will probably end up with fewer exhibitors but will be left with the ones that tie directly into your business. You can make it a requirement that they demonstrate their offerings in detail to the attendees. Demonstrations can occur through video if your exhibitors rent iPads or through simulation software.


The right interactive technology tool rentals can enhance the attendee experience. Here are some ways technology can be used effectively at a proprietary event:

  • Digital signage can be displayed via video wall rental units or kiosks. This allows you to display in a real-time fashion any room, time and speaker changes. You can also live stream one of the speakers onto the wall and/or post the Twitter feed.
  • Immersive projection is a way to create a 3D environment from projectors and light equipment rentals. It can allow you to create a street, vehicle or building all with the use of 3D projectors and lighting.
  • Implementing touch technology will enhance your message. Touch panel kiosks, iPads and interactive tables help enforce your brand and message with the attendee.

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