You have worked hard on the logistics and contract negotiations for your next meeting. Now, all you need is for attendees to show up. If you are like most event planners, you dread that awful "M" word….mar-mar-marketing. In years past, handling all the coordination and logistics was enough. Attendees just showed up when and where they were supposed to. Since this is no longer the case, here are six tips to make sure your marketing machine keeps chugging along without a lot of time and effort on your part

Digital Decision #1: Set Up Your Profiles

Here are the digital venues you need to establish before getting started with your marketing plan:

  • A website or event page
  • Blog site
  • Email campaign template
  • Social Channels, including but not limited to:

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Google+
    • YouTube
    • Vine

Digital Decision #2: Create Compelling Content

But more importantly, be able to tell the world why it is compelling both in 140 characters and 500 words. Why should your audience attend? What are the benefits? The content doesn't have to get you excited, it has to make them excited.

Digital Decision #3: Great Headers Will Hook Them, Every Time.

If the email subject line or post header isn't interesting, funny or edgy — hang up the rest of messaging because 87% of smartphone users delete or keep an email based solely on the heading. Spend time packaging your compelling content with headers that will keep them reading the rest of the messaging. 

Digital Decision #4: Send Out Your Posts at Weird Times. 

Don't always send out your information between the hours of 8 am and 5 PM, Monday through Friday. Many professionals catch up on their emails and social posts during evening hours and weekends and because they do not have other office interruptions, it is a perfect time for them to focus on your meeting or conference. 

Digital Decision #5: Repeat Messaging is Very Important. 

Not many attendees sign up for a conference based on the first or second time they see the information. It usually takes up to seven times before they even see your info due to the digital noise level most professionals are bombarded with. So keep trying, but continue to send your messaging over several social channels at a variety of times. 

Here are some examples of ways to change up the message about your conference: 

  • Registration is now open for ______________ conference (insert URL for registration page)
  • Early bird registration for _________________ conference ends on (date & URL)
  • Just _____ days until _______________ conference! Register now (URL)
  • _______________________ conference is being held in (city) on these dates (URL)
  • Thank you to (sponsors) for ____________________ conference participation (URL)
  • Hope to see you at ___________________ conference! Are you registered yet? (URL)
  • Check out our Facebook Fan Page and post any comments or questions there (URL)
  • Check out our Twitter Event hashtag and post any comments or questions on it (URL)

Digital Decision #6: Add as many administrators, likes, followers and connections as possible. 

The real power in digital messaging is the power of numbers. Think of it this way — you have 10 people in your organization, each person has 150 friends or connections and you make all 10 employees administrators of your Facebook/LinkedIn/Google+ pages. Then you ask them to invite all their connections to like the pages. You create an event and suddenly you have 1,500 potential attendees instead of your 150. The power of numbers to spread the word about your event is awesome! 

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