Sound and Lighting RentalSound and lighting – these two elements can transform a lackluster event into a spectacular one and, conversely, their absence can make the most carefully planned meeting seem tremendously bland. When considering sound and lighting rental, remember these components have the most direct and tangible impact on the energy coming from a room, which can either make or break the response from the attendees.

Sound Arena

·         Is it too loud or too soft? Sit in the front, middle, and last rows of your room with one other person next to you. Are your ears humming? Can you carry on a whisper conversation? You should be able to whisper to the attendee next to you without them having to say “Pardon me?”

·         Is the sound muffled and muted like that of a wonky car stereo system? Test and retest every sound that will go through the speaker system. Music, presenters, MCs, and video.  Have your event audio visual rental company work with the venue to ensure speakers and sub woofers are properly placed for maximum power and clarity while making sure attendees won’t feel overwhelmed as a result.

Light Matters

Lighting is one area where there’s a lot of room for customization; corporate audio visual companies can truly enhance the event’s theme with light equipment rental.

·         Look at the current meeting and event rooms. Consider it during the morning, mid-day, and evening. Make certain you know EXACTLY what is being presented in each room and what the speaker needs and plans to present.

·         How many windows are in the room? Should you go with shades open (natural lighting) or closed?  Is there glare if you choose natural lighting? Can the venue lights be dimmed and/or brightened?

·         Should you use LED, gobo lights or a variety of stage lights?


Getting What You Pay 
Purchasing a sound and lighting system can be very expensive, plus you need to consider installation, upkeep, technical support, and maintenance of that system. That is why you may want to consider renting sound and lighting from a corporate audio visual company, such as AV Event Solutions.

An additional benefit to renting sound and lighting is the rental company must keep up with the influx of new products. Technology is constantly changing and staying on top of it is a full-time job. Rely on professionals who are immersed in the sound and lighting world.

The goal with any sound and lighting rental is to make the event as visually engaging as possible, and the highpoint is looking at the energy that emanates from the crowd.