At this year’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan, the Toyota Prius booth sported a digital wall with three 82″ LCD touch screens. Attendees could go up to the wall and access text, graphic images, photos, and videos all about the Toyota Prius.

“People are adopting technology in much more intimate ways now,” said Todd Purgason,  Executive Creative Director at JUXT Interactive. “They are always connected. That’s opened people up to accepting, and even expecting, technology elements in brand messages.”

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research came out with a 2010 report that placed a high value on interactive digital technology for events.

Below are 3 guidelines to choosing which technology platforms can work for your next product launching event.

Touch is Key

Whether it be touch panel kiosks or tablets, touch technology represents the biggest trend in event technology.

“Multi-touch is taking over because it is an easy and intimate way to access content. It’s an extension of the user’s finger and it’s purely visual,” said Pugason.

For more information, check out a recent blog posting on touchscreen technology demystified.

Technology Can Promote a Call-to-Action

Rent iPads and/or touch panel kiosks to do the following call-to-actions:

  • Create a Facebook Fan Page for the new product or service and ask attendees to like it.
  • Create a QR code that attendees can scan from their tablet to learn more information about your product or service.
  • Create a survey and ask for their email address at the end of it.
  • Use social media outlets to create a contest or giveaways for the new product or service.

Match the Medium with the Attendee

Make sure you know demographics of your average attendee because that will influence the amount and use of technology at your event.

For example, if your attendees are primarily males, in their 50-60’s, and use the computer for only email, you will want to limit your event marketing to email and direct mail campaigns. The use of wireless audience response systems to capture their feedback during the launch may be as much as they can handle. Having kiosk rentals in the hallway of the event may be a way to dispense information and reinforce your message.

However, if your attendees are both women and men, in their 20-30’s, they are going to expect social media and online community marketing exclusively. They rarely open their emails and direct mail invitations will be thrown away. They expect and embrace technology. They will have smartphones with them. Rent iPads for all launch materials and interactivity through contests and questions will engage them.

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