70" LED 1080p Monitor Looking to communicate and disseminate information with more impact? Look no further than 70" (almost 6 feet wide) high definition display.

There are several benefits to renting display technology over standard screen rentals:

  • At 1080 resolution and yellow being added to the standard RGB (Red, Green, Blue) format, attendees will experience exceptional details and picture clarity. One unit is optimal for a medium-sized room and multiple displays can be rented for a larger meeting space. 
  • These displays have built-in Wi-Fi, allowing the speaker to access websites, video, and/or social media sites. In addition, event planners can have units posted in the hallways of the meeting venue to view Twitter feeds, speaker videos, play music, and allow attendees to browse the Web.
  • A USB port allows the speaker to connect their laptop or tablet directly to the large screen. If the display is out in the lobby or foyer, a USB drive can be connected to the LED for continuous looping of photos or video of the conference. 
  • With an ultra slim design (they are only 3.5" deep) and a stand that is included, this large LED can be set up and moved with ease by the AV technicians for optimal viewing.
  • An ultra brilliant LED system with multiflourescents allows for high brightness (so the room doesn't need to be dimmed) and color purity and vibrancy. In addition, a x-gen LCD panel allows for a high level of contrasting color.
  • This display also includes 4 high-speed, High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) connections that can deliver digital surround sound for the ultimate presentation services audio visual experience.

LED panels are ideal for:

  • Training Sessions where employees need to retain a lot of visual information
  • Product Launching Events because the high definition video, sound, and photo display capabilities add to the message
  • Boardroom Meetings
  • Breakout sessions at Association Meetings
  • In the hallway or foyer of the meeting and/or hotel so attendees can keep abreast of social media streaming and video feeds coming from the event
  • Trade show booths

AV Event Solutions is your provider of this HD technology. Think big. Think AV Event Solutions for all your interactive technology needs!