carFrom March 29 through April 7 (yes — ten days), the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in NYC hosted the New York Auto Show where about 1 million individuals attended. What is it about an auto show that gets people buzzing? And why does it attract the same individuals year-after-year? 

Chad Kaydo, Event Trend Expert recently wrote an article for BizBash highlighting some of the booth trends from this year's show. Below are his observations about some of the more trendy booths and my own translations about the mystic and allure of an auto show. 

Auto Show Fact #1: Exhibitors lead with what is new. 
Many auto manufacturers have "concept" cars in their booth because these cars present fresh ideas that are literally still on the drawing board. They are real attention getters. Everyone wants to see the car of the future, not necessarily what is on the dealer floor right now. 
Translation: Show attendees what you are working on, as well as, the products and services you currently have. Original concepts are sexy and they help attendees remember you and your organization. 
Auto Show Fact #2: Everyone can relate to the exhibitor's offering.
I would venture to say that everyone who comes to the auto show drives a car or has driven a car during their lifetime. They have probably bought several new cars. They know the basic product. The attendee wants to see what is new and exciting and how it is going to be faster, safer or more economical. 
Translation: Can everyone at the show relate to your product or service? If not, perhaps you need to have tutorial videos running on computer kiosks, mobile devices or Plasma LCDs. They have to relate to your offering before they can buy it. 
Auto Show Fact #3:  An uncluttered area is a beautiful thing. 
Having a bright, well-lit area with light equipment rentals can translate into a modern and airy booth. Instead of having much marketing collateral, tchotchkes and business cards, load everything into a Digital Document library on a tablet, computer kiosk or touch screen display. All you need are cars and technology. 
Translation: Stop printing, shipping, storing and displaying marketing materials at your next show! Not only will you save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, but you will also keep the attendee focused on your products and services. In addition, you position your organization as environmentally conscious
Auto Show Fact #4: Giant screens are the bomb. 
Many booths at the NY show had either large LED screens or video wall rental units or both. Automakers displayed videos with moving text, showed their logos, graphics, TV commercials and even short presentations. 
Translation: Video walls, Plasma screen rentals and touch screen displays will continue to draw attendees to your booth especially if the content is rich and constantly moving. 
Auto Show Fact #5: Interactive games are a hit. 
Many of the automakers offered interactive games on touch screens to entice people into the booth. Attendees could obtain more information about the cars by playing a game and some exhibitors offered a simulated driving experience 
Translation: Games are always a great way to bring attendees into your booth and keep them there — especially if you are busy with other attendees when they arrive. Investigate gaming apps that will help make an impression on your attendees. 
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