As the summer heats up, an employee appreciation event is a great way to get everyone together in a social, casual setting. Whether you host a company picnic on your grounds or you have a networking reception at a local restaurant, getting employees together in a non-work setting, shows them your organization cares and is willing to go the extra mile. 

Appreciation events have been shown to improve employee loyalty, reduce attrition and create or maintain a positive work environment. Knowing the benefits of this type of event are great, but what do you need to know in order to pull one off? Below is a planning checklist of things to consider: 

What is the goal of the event? 

Other than getting everyone together in a social setting, what is the goal? Here are a few examples of appreciation goals:

  • Hold an event where all employees, their spouses and children are invited to attend so everyone can get to know each other on a more social basis. 
  • Host an exclusive meeting for the top 10% sales performers. 
  • Put together a fun team building session for all employees. 
  • Hold a 1/2 day business meeting with employees and the remaining 1/2 day go to an amusement park with employees and their families. 

When will you hold it?

Holding it during the business day may be best for employees and they can view it as a paid day off from work. However, during the evening or on the weekend will allow spouses and family members to attend. Again, look at the culture of the company and the goal of the event to determine the day of the week and the time of the event. 

The summer months are particularly popular because the business climate is usually more casual, the weather is warmer and children are off from school. 

Where will you hold the event? 

If budget is a particular concern for your organization, holding the event on site will be the most cost effective. However, employees will feel more appreciated if they are taken off-site, especially to somewhere new and exciting. 

Whether you hold the event onsite or off, consider the age, gender and interests of your employees. Try to find somewhere that will work for everyone and has multiple things for individuals to do. 

If there is going to be recognition involved, consider renting audio visual equipment that includes LCD projector and screen rental and sound and lighting rental so everyone can see and hear what is being said. . 

What will the employees do? 

The size, ages and interests of the group, whether children and/or spouses are invited, whether it is held onsite or off and the event goal, will dictate what the group will do. 

In the end, you want employees to feel special and appreciated. Taking the time to put together a well thought out appreciation event will keep employees talking days and weeks after it is over. This type of event is money well spent! 

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