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Your organization is in the process of assessing the number, location and needs for your meetings in 2013 and beyond. Even though you own some audio visual equipment, it is becoming increasingly apparent that your aged equipment and bare-bones staff is not in a position to keep up with the technological demands most speakers and attendees desire. 

So now you are faced with a dilemma — should you keep forging on with the same-old equipment OR rely on the conference services staff to meet your AV needs OR consider the possibility of outsourcing all your audio visual needs to a meeting equipment provider, such as AV Event Solutions?  

Lets focus on the risk and reward factors associated with outsourcing your AV needs and how to minimize your risk while maximizing your reward. 

THE RISK: What is the worst thing that can happen? 

You need to make a listing of all your risk factors both with an internal decision and with an outsourcing one. Here are a few questions to get your started:


  1. What happens if key experts left the company? 
  2. Who can keep up with the technology coming out in the next year and know how the attendee/speaker/staff will benefit from said technology? 
  3. If the internal team is installing and striking the AV equipment, on top of maintaining and storing the same equipment, what marketing opportunities are going to be lost in the process?  
  4. How much time will it take your team to do the functions listed above? 


  1. What is your response time parameters on service calls, responding to phone calls, emails, etc.?
  2. How do you keep up with technological changes? What certifications do you hold and how do you educate your staff?
  3. What additional resources do you have on your team (such as a dedicated project manager)? 
  4. Make certain you interview and ask for references from the av companies you are evaluating. 
  5. What other events have you provided audiovisual rentals for that are similar to this one? 
  6. What is your communication style? 

THE REWARD: What is the best thing that can happen? 

If you choose the right strategic partner, your staff can gain back a whole lot of time that can now be dedicated to bringing in more revenue opportunities and focusing on your core business. 

In addition, your event audio visual rental company can provide the best value by focusing on the right equipment to meet the needs of your attendees and speakers. 


  1. Create a communication schedule and plan. Have regularly scheduled calls to make certain everything is on target. 
  2. Outline clear responsibilities to your vendor team members. Don't leave anything to chance. 
  3. Control costs by understanding all the equipment and labor costs, especially overtime rates. 

The bottom line here is to find an AV company that can work well with your internal team. Outsourcing may not be right for your organization, but it is worth the time to analyze its value especially if you are running your organization with a limited number of employees. AV Event Solutions is here to help you with all your outsourcing needs! Give them a call to learn more about their staff and product offerings!