trainingTrainers are set out with one mission: to train employees about something new…a new product, a new service, or a new procedure. They are dependent on event audio visual rentals to get their message across and transfer learning to the attendees. With the plethora of AV choices, you may be wondering which equipment is best for the learner.

Here are some questions to consider when scheduling your next training session.

Question 1: What is the training objective?

Is the training required knowledge, such as HR Policies and Procedures? Is it a new product launch? A new computer program? What skills do the attendees need to walk away with?

For required training, there needs to be interaction and demonstration. New product training may require testing of the features and benefits. The trainer needs to determine the amount of interaction required and choose the right AV equipment to fit the audience needs.

Question 2: When renting audio visual equipment, what technology tools will prove useful to my audience? 

Attendees have different learning styles, which are in 3 categories:

  • Visual: Learn by seeing 
  • Auditory: Learn by hearing
  • Kinesthetic: Learn by doing

For the visual learner, good Powerpoint presentation equipment is key. The slides will need to contain colors, large fonts, and graphics. Videos and photographs are a plus.

For the auditory learner, a good sound system is important. Hearing the trainer’s words and recording the session are needed. Auditory learners enjoy having the ability to go back and hear something again, they may have missed the first time around. 

For the kinesthetic learner, the ability to touch something as part of the learning process will help drive the message home. Wireless Audience Response Systems can be used by the attendees as a polling device to determine their level of understanding of the materials. Rent iPads and let attendees takes notes on them as the presentation is going on. 

The trainer needs to get his or her message across while making the audience members fully understand the message. 

Question 3: How involved do I want my audience members? 

If the training is on new HR policies and procedures, probably not very much. However, if it a computer training on new company wide software, probably a whole lot. 

For a lecture type of setting, it is important that the seating be comfortable. The trainer will need a laptop PC, LCD Projector and screen rental. Having the right sized screen rentals so everyone can see the presentation is also very important. 

For the interactive session, wireless microphones throughout the room will allow for easy access to the trainer. Laptops or iPads can be used to teach them about new software, poll attendees on their knowledge level, or to ask questions of the trainer. These computers can also be used for providing group activities or seeking attendee feedback. 

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