mikeIn producing an event, sound quality is of the highest importance. It takes a lot of time and attention to coordinate all the audiovisual elements of a successful business meeting, presentation, or corporate event. Great sound services during an event or conference can improve the interaction between the presenter and the audience. 

The sound equipment most frequently used for events consist of microphones, mixers, and speakers for amplification of sound in the room. The microphones used most often are either (or mixture of) the following: lavaliere, wireless, or cabled. These mics send their system to the mixer. The size of the mixer depends on the number of microphones or sources of sound expected during the event. A mixer allows the audio visual technician to adjust the volume and characteristics of each sound input, mix the signals, and resend them to the speakers.

The basic objective of a professional sound service is to "amplify" the:

  • Voice of the presenter,
  • Music playing,
  • Presentation services audio visual,
  • Video,
  • Internet demonstration or
  • Video conference.
The intent is to make it easily audible to all persons present in a meeting, conference center, or event room.
If the event takes place in a small room, that has no or little outside noise, the speaker’s voice is loud, and there are 25 or less attendees, a sound system rental may not be necessary.
However, if the room is large, there is a lot of environmental noise, the speaker is soft spoken, and there are more than 25 persons at the meeting, a sound system should be considered.

Additionally, if the meeting is large and Q & A is expected, your event or meeting should have at least 1 wireless microphone for every 40 participants. It is also possible to use wired microphones placed throughout the room in strategic areas.

The main question event meeting planners need to ask is this: "Is what is being said, or listened to, important to be heard by all"? If so, use a microphone! The event audio visual company can inform microphone users — where to stand, how to use the mic, and set up microphone stands exactly to the height of their mouths. The presenter needs to take the time to adjust the mic stand if necessary and speak clearly into the microphone. Many novice speakers think they are speaking too loud and back away from the mic which causes more problems because people cannot hear them.

It is very important that sound systems provide clear, clean, and reliable amplification. Feedback or noise in the signal may go unnoticed by the presenter, but can be very uncomfortable and annoying to the attendees if it is constant. The equipment and the advice of the event services company can provide resources that event planners should leverage to avoid audio atrocities.

AV Event Solutions has veteran technicians that can assist you in bringing top quality sound to your audience. Let our staff be your sound solution!