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As an event meeting services professional, you know the value of great presentation services audio visual equipment. It can make or break your meeting. Now imagine striding up in front of your audience to find no Powerpoint presentation equipment, just a podium. What would you do? What piece of audio visual equipment makes your presentation soar?

Imagine you had to choose just one or two pieces of audio visual equipment, what would you choose?

According to industry professionals, the most requested items are many but typically consist of these three powerpoint presentation equipment:

  • Projector and Screen Rental;
  • Personal Computer and/or
  • Internet connection.

When considering presentation services audio visual, it appears the most popular requests consist of the tripod screen and a LCD Projector (at least 2000 Lumens). Computer requests are further back because many presenters bring their own laptop (though an iPad rental is another excellent option) and Internet connections are expected everywhere nowadays.

However, if you were trapped on a deserted island, would those be the most important piece of equipment for you (besides food and water)? Would these factors come into consideration:

  • Is it light?
  • Is it easy to store?
  • Is it reliable?
  • Do you know how to use the powerpoint presentation equipment?


Lani Arredondo, author of How to Present Like a Pro, said “Intonations, gestures, audiovisual media, and other delivery techniques have no value in and of themselves. They are simply tools for the purpose of adding expression to the content. So whatever you do in the way of enhancing delivery, make sure it supports the message.”

So, what would YOU choose? Let us know.

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