What makes one event garner more photographers, media and bloggers than another?

A well thought out publicity plan. 

BizBash’s Alesandra Dubin set out to determine what the difference makers are when it comes to event planning. Here are six things you can do before and during your grand opening, product launch or other meaningful event  that will keep the media begging for more.


Think Like the Media. 

If you were a reporter that was presented with hundreds of stories every day, what would make one stick out more than another?

According to Ben Russo of EMC Bowery you need to do the following:

  • Choose a quality venue. Hold your meeting in a location that is unique and desired. Perhaps a country club, mansion or museum.
  • Secure a celebrity host. It doesn’t need to be a TV or movie star, but a name your local and regional media can identify. Perhaps a news anchor, president of your company or a city official.
  • Let them know who your “A-list” guests will be. Don’t tell them who is invited, tell them who will be there.
  • Ensure the media will have access to everyone invited. 

Create exclusive content. 

How is your meeting different than all the other groundbreakings or grand openings out there? Remember, you have a lot of competition for coverage…so your message needs to be different – the media need to feel like they are “breaking the story” .

Target your listing. 

One thing is certain today, you can sign up for an online news service and blanket hundreds of outlets with the click of a button. The problem with this approach is you are saying your news is important to everyone when you know it is not.

Think about the news media and bloggers that should be there. Even if that list is small, you are more likely to have the time to cultivate your message and relationships with the media as a result of this action.

Pitch pre-event coverage. 

Try and get the media to write about your event before it happens. This doesn’t occur very often because the media views this as free advertising. Again, think like them and see what angles you can come up.


Make it easy for them to say yes. 

Remember, reporters, influencers and photo editors are very busy with deadlines always looming. Add to that the competition for your event coverage and if there are any obstacles in their way, they will take a few snapshots and leave.

Here are some tools to help:

  • Give them a listing of of your key guests.
  • Send them the agenda of how the day will be unfolding. 
  • Give them canned quotes from your VIPs to be used for the press release. 
  • Create an event within the event, just for the media – perhaps a press conference with the C-Suite, product engineer or governmental officials. 
  • Provide an escort for them – some will want it, some won’t – but at least they will know you care. 

Set up a photography area. 

Having decor and activities in the photo area are great ways to keep the buzz alive.

Godiva set up a six-sided truffle themed structure for photo taking and sharing on social. Each side represented the different flights they were introducing, They also posted the photos on a large Video Wall.

Think about the Oscars with the red carpet event. Or the NBA when they sign a new player. Have that space ready and use it.

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