Misaligned LCD projectors, poor screen resolution, and slow Wi-Fi were not present at InfoComm International’s conference made up of 33,000 audio visual, communications, and systems-integration professionals. IdeasHere are some of the tips outlined by Jason McGraw, Senior Vice President of Exhibitions for InfoComm International and what meeting planners everywhere can learn from his experience. 

Tip#1: Produce CAD diagrams for each meeting session. This process will allow planners, conference services managers, and audio visual suppliers to put in place the appropriate sized screen rentals and seating options. 

Tip #2: Give the Audio Visual production team enough time to set up and test the equipment. Trying to rush the AV team can allow for a lot of mistakes, including sound, lighting, and projector problems. The event audio visual rental company will let you know how much time they need to set up and test the equipment.

Tip #3: Provide Your Speakers Enough Time to Rehearse. Presenters who are not professionals or who do not speak on a regular basis, need enough time to go through their presentation services audiovisual equipment including getting used to the lavaliere microphone and wireless slide advancer. 

Tip #4: Consider Using Plasma TVs. For small meetings, a large flat-panel Plasma will be more effective and less expensive than a full-projection set-up. 

Tip #5: Figure out the AV Needs for Your Speakers and Schedule Them Accordingly. Instead of rotating the AV around to multiple rooms, line up your presenters according to the AV setup in each room. This will also save money on your overall budget because you are not moving equipment from room to room.

Tip #6: Make sure the meeting room has robust band-width. Many speakers today use the Internet, video, and photographs to increase their presentation effectiveness. Consider renting Wi-Fi Network Arrays to boost the speed of the network. With the addition of hybrid events, fast robust streaming will make remote attendees feel more connected to the meeting.  

AV Event Solutions can provide your next event with state-of-the-art interactive technology tool rentals including LCD projectors, plasma TVs, and Wi-Fi Boosters. Give them a call today!