meeting venue

Have you ever racked your brain for unique and unusual venues that would get your employees, clients, prospects, or attendees enthusiastic to go there? As a corporate event planner, I understand this is one of the most challenging and difficult things to do.

Below is a list of some standard places as well as some venues that probably never crossed your mind. I have categorized these venues by type of event. In addition, there is a list of the more popular technology tools when renting audio visual equipment


Most associations bring their members together at least once a year for an annual educational meeting that typically has 100 to 2,500 attendees. Meeting space with many breakout rooms is usually chosen and the conferences usually last between 2 to 3 days. The following spaces work best because they are large and have a number of breakout rooms: 

  • Convention Center
  • Conference Center

AV Equipment to Consider:


Conventions are extremely large meetings with 2,500 attendees or more. Typically, the only space that will work for this type of event is a convention center due in part because of the space required for education and the ability to hold a large number of attendees in one Grand Ballroom for general sessions. 

AV Equipment to Consider:

  • Wi-Fi network arrays to allow more access points for attendees and boost Wi-Fi robustness
  • Rent iPads for attendees to view speaker information, take notes, communicate to other attendees and speakers via social media and view sponsor information
  • Plasma TVs so attendees can see up-to-the-minute announcements, view Twitter feeds and see the speaker if they are located in the back of the room


Trade shows are usually part of an association meeting or convention. Because most exhibitors require move-in/move-out space, shipping, storage, and security, the following 3 options work best: 

  • Convention Center
  • Conference Center
  • Large Hotel

AV Equipment to Consider:

  • iPads to replace marketing collateral, allow sales persons to move around the floor and act as portable kiosks
  • Kiosk rentals to allow attendees access to information about the exhibitors products, provide mapping of booth locations, schedule time with sales staff and provide feedback to event organizers


  • Employee Appreciation and/or Family Outing

    • Amusement Park
    • Arcade
    • Bowling Alley
    • Pool Hall
    • Science Museum
    • Beach
    • National Park
  • Customer Appreciation

    • Sports Stadium
    • Winery
    • Mansion
    • Art Museum
    • Country Club

Because these are typically celebration and/or outdoor events, audiovisual will be minimal but still needs to be considered. Here is the type of AV to rent:

  • Wireless microphones, and sound and lighting system so when awards or kudos are given, everyone can hear and see the presenters
  • LCD projector and screen rentals for icebreaker questions, photo gallery or video display


These type of events require great acoustics, comfortable seating and a conducive learning environment. Such settings include:

  • Auditorium
  • Theater
  • College Campus
  • Country Club
  • Religious Space

AV Equipment to Consider:

  • Audience Response System Rental for testing of knowledge level about product or service, feedback about presenter and session, and voting about key initiatives
  • Sound and Lighting System so everyone can hear and see the speaker and presentation
  • Recording device to archive the event and provide a podcast for employees that missed the session

AV Event Solutions can provide meeting equipment for your next meeting or event! Give them a call or check out the website to learn more!