audience response rental

What do shows like Oprah, Dr. Phil, Rachael Ray and organizations like Harvard Medical School, Humana, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, American Express, Walt Disney World, and Bristol-Myers Squibb have in common? They have all have used wireless audience response systems!

Gone are the days of using paper handwritten response forms which are unwieldy and took several hours to compile the data. In addition, someone had to interpret poorly written responses. 

ARS units operate on secure radio frequencies, eliminating any concern about signal loss and penetrating sensitive data. Meeting planners and organizations who want to make sure the message at the meeting was heard by the attendees, can poll audience members easily and painlessly by giving each person a keypad and directing them to provide responses to multiple choice questions displayed on the screen rentals. Audience Response Systems provide instantaneous results. Here are some of the meeting types that ARS units make sense:

  • Employee feedback on issues, products, or services
  • Attendee surveys for the whole meeting and each breakout session
  • Focus groups
  • Product launching events
  • Education and training
  • Annual meeting for voting on proxy items

Here are the benefits of wireless audience response systems:

  • By asking questions before, during, and after the presentation, you are engaging and involving your attendees. An involved audience member is going to remember more of the presentation, long after they leave the meeting.
  • ARS instantly streamlines data compilation and can achieve it for further analysis.
  • When voting on sensitive issues, these units allow instantaneous and anonymous responses.
  • By pre-testing and post-testing employees, you can determine how much they learned at the education session and what materials need to covered in more depth. 

As with all other audio visual equipment, AV Event Solutions will provide installation, testing, and software programming of the ARS units. In addition to AV technicians, AV Event Solutions has knowledgeable and experienced project managers that can be onsite to handle any unforeseen circumstances. 

Call or get an express quote today to learn more about Audience Response Systems available from AV Event Solutions! They will gladly provide a quick turnaround quote for your next meeting or event!