Video motivates…it is one tool, other than face-to-face interaction, that turns booth visits into sales
Video engages…trainers are using video versus print media to explain concepts
Video sets the mood…in an event, it can compliment other presentations
Video adds impact…nothing works better than action and color 

To get an example of video’s effect, consider a MasterCard commercial. You could read, in black and white, the following information: 

Hot Soup $4
Cold Medicine $11
Tissues $1
Blanket $24
Making it all better Priceless

Or you can watch this video, which explains it all:

 Meetings and events can utilize computer kiosks with video in the following ways:

  • Seminars:  Where attendees can preview speaker and topic information while at breaks or before the beginning of the seminar.
  • Conventions: Computer kiosks can be strategically located through out the meeting space and allow attendees to see videos about speakers, learn more about certain products or services showcased at the tradeshow, and provide sponsors to run commercials about their company. This information can also be displayed on plasma displays throughout the convention.
  • Conferences: In a small conference, attendees can use a touch panel kiosk to drill down about a particular product or service. The kiosk can have short video clips about each item of interest.
  • Fund-raising Events: Computer kiosks can be fitted with credit card processing capabilities. Attendees can make a donation at the kiosk, view video of silent auction items, bid on them, and even check out without seeing another human being!
  • Special Events: Video capturing kiosks can have an integrated camera within the display unit. Guests can utilize the touch panel kiosk to record special messages. This is ideal for corporate milestone celebrations, or end-of-the year parties. 
  • Product Launching Events: Kiosk rentals can be used to create buzz about the product and build up excitement just before the actual launch.

Here’s another example…You can read the following:

iPad 2 is delicious, learning, playful, literary, artful, scientific, medical, musical, work, magical, social, magazines, more. iPad 2. 
Or you can watch this 25 second video:
So, how can you integrate video into your next event and where can you use it most effectively? Other than within a presentation itself, video is most effective using touch panel kiosks distributed throught the meeting meeting space.
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